Luettelo hyväksytyistä ja hyväksymättömistä UIM:n sääntömuutosehdotuksista löytyvät allaolevasta linkistä.  Lopulliset muutokset sääntöihin näkyvät uusista sääntökirjoista, jotka on suunniteltu julkaistavaksi  15. joulukuuta. Samaan aikaan on tarkoitus julkaista kansainvälinen kilpailukalenteri.

General Assemblyn sääntömuutokset


Muutos GT15 SM-sarjaan:

NKT on tehnyt seuraavan päätöksen, johtuen UIM:n GT15 MM-kilpailun uudesta aikataulutuksesta.

GT15 luokan MM-kilpailu ja Messilän SM-osakilpailuiden ajankohta on tästä johtuen sama, syyskuun 3. viikonloppu. Messilän SM-osakilpailussa jaetaan luokassa GT15 SM-pisteet ja SM-lopputulokseen lasketaan 4/5 GT15 luokan kilpailijan osakilpailutuloksista, mikäli GT15 MM-kisassa on samana viikonloppuna ollut osallistuneita suomalaisia.

Tiedote RaceWKND 2018 (25.5.2018)
NKT Tiedote 16.5.2018

Kansalliset kilpailumääräykset 2018
2018 kansalliset kilpailumaaraykset_Final

NKT kokoonpano ja vastuualueet 2018
2018 NKT toimikunta
2018 NKT vastuuhenkilot_korjattu 1
2018 NKT Mittakirjatarkastajat

NKT Koulutukset ja kilpailijatiedotteet 2018 löytyvät täältä! 

10.2.2018 Vene2018 messuilla tapahtuvaan toimintaan on tullut muutoksia! 

Ilmoittautuminen 10.2.2018 Kilpaveneilypäivään (linkki on myös em. tiedotteessa)

CLARIFIFICATION – Erratum on 2018 UIM CIRCUIT Rulebook: rule 509.05

Communication to National Authorities

Dear Ladies, Dear Sirs,

In reference to our communication circulated yesterday (see below e-mail) and to avoid any misunderstanding, we wish to underline that the following entire text is the valid text of CIRCUIT rule 509.05 valid for the 2018 season and shall be reflected accordingly in the 2018 UIM CIRCUIT Rulebook :

509.05 (as of 15 January 2018)

All cockpits require a minimum 10 cm (4 in) clearance above the driver’s helmet, covering at least 50 % of the top of the helmet and at least 50 % of the side of the helmet with the driver’s head in the furthest aft position, as an integral part of the cockpit construction.

It is mandatory for new boats built after January 1st 2016, and recommended for all boats, the cockpit must afford a minimum of 10 cm (4in) clearance above the drivers helmet and extending laterally at least 45° from the vertical. See Figure 1

(Drawing of Figure 1)

For integral load bearing canopies the canopy structures will provide the helmet coverage. The integral load bearing canopy structure will be at least as strong as the reinforced cockpit structure and provide a load path to transmit loading into the cockpit structure. That is, the canopy must be latched and hinged in such a way that it remains in place and is supported so that it acts as though it was part of the cockpit structure during an accident.

2018 UIM Rulebooks

SPV on tilannut sääntökirjoja painettuna muutamia kappaleita – kirjat ovat myynnissä liiton toimistolla. (UIM toimittaa kirjat maaliskuun alkuun mennessä)

Alla linkit sähköisiin versioihin.

After publication of the 2018 adopted rule changes on the UIM website in October 2017, we are now pleased to inform you that the following new UIM Rulebooks for the 2018 season have been published today on the UIM website.

In order to reinforce the UIM environmental policy, we will again offer the possibility this year to download these Rulebooks for free from the UIM website.
Please note that they have been published in two formats for downloading, suitable either for print-out (A4 size) or for e-reader/tablet/Smartphone (A6 size):

Printable version in high resolution (A4 size)

Digital version optimized for UIM e-readers, tablets and Smartphones  (A6 size)

Juniorileirillä oli punnittu kaikki paikalla olleet SJ10 veneet ja todettu, että niiden paino liikkuu 100-110 kg välillä.

Kuljettajan kanssa paino jää huomattavasti alle tuon nykyisissä säännöissä olevan 155kg,
Lisäpainon määrä on aivan liikaa ko.veneeseen, muodostaa turvallisuusriskin.

NKT on tehnyt 6.6.2017 sääntömuutoksen, joka astuu voimaan heti;
SJ10 luokan uusi minimipainoraja on 140 kg

We refer to the latest amendments to 2017 UIM Rulebook provisions voted by correspondence by the UIM Council (Administrators and Presidents of Commissions) in March 2017.

The on-line version of the 2017 UIM Rulebooks have been updated and are now available on the UIM website : https://www.uimpowerboating.com/Documents/2017 UIM Rulebooks

We have also updated the standard references for the head and neck support/restraint device with FIA 8858, upon information of COMINSAFE Chairman, Bob Wartinger. A communication was released on this matter to all National Authorities on 6th April.


Circuit Rulebook
Following articles/rules were amended

203.02 – Admission of boat for PR classes

205.07.01 – Head and neck support/restraint device, FIA 8858 standard

960.2 – Helmets for formula future drivers


Aquabike Rulebook

Following articles/rules were amended:

302.01.01 – World championship classes – new class GP4

302.02.01 – World championship duration – new class GP4

302.03.01 – World championship – N° drivers – new class GP4

320.01 – World championship definition – new class GP4

Offshore Rulebook
Following articles/rules were amended:

713 – Head and neck support/restraint device, FIA 8858 standard

XCAT section – Part 4  04. Boat weight

XCAT section – 29.01 Race course

XCAT section – Part 4  Seats and seatbelts

XCAT section – 24.01 Buoyancy

XCAT section – Part 4  06. Hull deck requirements

XCAT section – Part 4    14.9 Mirror

XCAT section – App. 2   Scoring sytem

XCAT section – Part 4  08. Engines

XCAT section – Part 4  13. Drawings and measurement

XCAT section – 12. Canopy rules/Windscreen

Pleasure Navigation Rulebook

The following article/rule was amended:

300.11 – Head and neck support/restraint device, FIA 8858 standard

Important new publication – UIM Manufacturing Guidelines for Racing Vests

Dear Members,

We are pleased to inform you that an important new publication entitled “UIM Manufacturing Guidelines for Racing Vests” has been posted today on the UIM website. These guidelines edited by COMINSAFE Chairman Bob Wartinger in cooperation with COMINTECH Chairman Mikael Lundblad and UIM Legal Consultant Kimon Papachristopoulos also take into account the input provided by the manufacturers.

You can access these guidelines by following this link:


To : UIM National Authorities

We refer to the Circuit article rule 205.07 for the helmet standards, which reads as follows :

”Any person aboard any boat taking part in races must wear a helmet which meets the SNELL or FIA helmet standards and which at least the upper 50 % (area) must be of fluorescent orange, red, yellow or international orange color. These helmet colors must be bright enough to be clearly visible in the water. The wearer is entirely responsible for the efficiency of his helmet. The organisers are requested to repeat this important rule in their particular rules, as well as in their advance-programmes, race instructions and programmes.

Each National Authority may request that their nationals wear a helmet of a type laid down in their own national rules. No image recording devices may be attached to helmets.”

Please refer to the UIM website / Homologations / Registration for the list of acceptable SNELL / FIA helmet standards during the 2015 racing season.

Nume of the document : Helmet Standard information – Revised 24 March 2015


Tiedoksi, lisäys U.I.M:n HNR-laite sääntöön (rata 205.07.01., OFF 713)

Säännössä tällä hetkellä mainitun standardin SFI 38.1 lisäksi, myös FIA 8858-2010 vaatimukset täyttävät HNR laitteet ovat kaudella 2017 sallittuja.


The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has reviewed the list of Prohibited Substances and the new list has come into effect on 1st January 2017.
Many of the commonly used medicines, whether prescribed by a doctor or bought over-the-counter, contain substances that are prohibited by WADA and are therefore not to be used by the drivers. It is important for the drivers to have easy access to the current Prohibited List.

In addition, we wish to draw your attention to the important “extract” of the 2017 WADA Prohibited list below:


P1. ALCOHOL (page 8)

Alcohol (ethanol) is prohibited “In-Competition” only, in the following sports:
Air Sports (FAI)
Archery (WA)
Automobile (FIA)
Powerboating (UIM)

Detection will be conducted by analysis of breath and/or blood. The doping violation threshold is equivalent to a blood alcohol concentration of 0.10 g/L

Please note that, in Circuit racing, the more restrictive provisions of Art. 205.02.02 of the UIM Circuit Rulebooks apply, whereas For all International races, any competitor found to have more than 0.00 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood (0.00 on the breath analysing machine) 1 hour before or during testing or racing shall be immediately suspended and disqualified from the whole event,…”

Furthermore remind  the drivers that they should always check with their physicians and pharmacists whether or not a medication they have to take contains any substances included on the current 2017 WADA Prohibited List.

If a driver, for health reasons, has to use a medicine that contains substances included in the 2017 WADA Prohibited List, it is MANDATORY to apply for a “TUE” (Therapeutic Use Exemption)


Kilpailijalisenssin mukana ei enää toimiteta painettuja sääntökirjoja.

UIM Sääntökirja

U.I.M. on tehnyt päätöksen, ettei se enää painata sääntökirjoja. Sääntökirjat saa ladattua UIM:n uudelta sivustolta, jonka osoite on: new.uimpowerboating.com

Kansalliset kilpailumääräykset

Myös kansalliset kilpailumääräykset toimitetaan vain sähköisessä muodossa.

Sääntökirjat tulee jokaisen kilpailijan ladata itselleen sähköiseen muotoon ja suosittelemme, että pidätte ne kilpailupaikoilla mukana.